A decade ago, the use of sex toys was quite a taboo topic in our society. I mean there was hardly anyone who dared to talk about toys out in public and the majority of sex toys like vibrators, dildos, and fleshlights were hidden in the corners of one’s closet.

However, times have now changed. People, across the globe, have accepted sex toys and as a result, the use of different sex toys has increased drastically. Gone are the days when dildos and vibrators were found hidden under the beds. Today girls have started to use dildos without any hesitation as they have understood that self-pleasure is as important as everything else to stay healthy.

Not only women but men have also started to use sex toys to enjoy the best pleasures of their lifetime. While the use of sex toys for women and men has become quite normal, there are still several misconceptions (related to sex toys) among people that need to be cleared right now.

That’s why we have decided to compile down a list of facts about sex toys that no one talks about. So, if you have been curious about sex toys, continue reading, the following guide will help you understand different sex toy facts.