When writing an academic paper, one cannot leave without citing it with the university-approved style. Like others, the Chicago referencing generator is available in several academic support websites.

Chicago referencing system works in two variations: Author & Date, and Bibliography & Notes. The Author & Date system requires the users to mention the surname of the author, along with the date of publication within the text. Students, unfamiliar with Chicago style citations, need to work on the Chicago referencing example correctly. The easiest option is using the online APA citation generator and Chicago citation generator free reference tool.

Here are some ways to use the tool even better-

  • Use To Remove Plagiarism

Students need to specify the citation style and seek for the same in order to find out a proper online tool. Depending on the diversity of your academic paper, you might have to add citations for all academic online and offline sources. A deviation from that can cost you the charges of plagiarism.

So save the sources you are using, and add those in the free Chicago citation style generator tool. The produced list will help you keep track of the sources of information used. Moreover, you can check whether you have cited all your sources correctly, in the text and in the reference list.

  • Use For Appropriate Formatting

With each different type of referencing style, there comes a formatting style that should be there although the assignment. While students are often unable to work on it accurately, the online Chicago referencing generator is a worthy way-out.

The online referencing generator, which is also AI-powered and has all necessary details within, require one-click upload of a written document. A perfect university is approved formatting with double-spaced text, one-inch margin, Times New Roman 12 font, alignment, header and footer placement are received by the students.

  • Use to Develop Perfect Referencing And Bibliography List

Add only the sources you want to place in the bibliography and referencing list and the tool will frame it accordingly, which is readily downloadable. With published date, writer/s name, year, pages etc. the list is ready to paste at the end of the assignment. And all these can happen in a couple of minutes by using the automated referencing generator. Smart citation formation keeps incorrect citations at bay.

Usually, students are asked to submit their assignments using the bibliography and notes structure. The process to add citations in any structure with the online Chicago referencing generator is a cakewalk. 

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