Introduction is the most important part of any assignment. As the name suggests, it is the introductory part of the document.. It is said that “The first impression is the last impression”, introduction is that first impression. It is the first thread which the readers read, that’s why, it is suggested to compose it such that it should bind the interest of the reader. No matter how good your overall paper is, failing in writing the introduction in an effective manner can degrade the quality of your entire draft. Students knowing this fact seek for assignment help Australia.But not to worry, this article will help you writing an effective introduction.

Wondering how? Well, this article will introduce two styles for writing the introduction, namely, Deductive and Inductive.
If you’re already familiar with these styles, then too keep on reading, because this article will help you in concluding which style is best for you.
Ready? Let’s start…

1.Deductive Style

Deductive style is the most popular style of writing the introduction. In this, the introduction starts with the general statement followed by the specific statement. This style follows the “top to bottom” approach. As the name suggests, the introduction keep deducing from the general statement to the actual point.

General ———> Specific

Example – Dogs are the most loyal and friendly animal. They can feel your emotions. Also, they’re the cutest creature. That’s why I like dogs.

2.Inductive Style

Inductive style of introduction is just opposite to the deductive style. In this, the introduction starts with the specific point followed by the general theory. In other words, you can say that the main point is composed first, and the general facts about it are written after that. This style follows the “bottom to up” approach. It is called inductive style because the statement flow from the actual point to the general theory.

Specific ———> General

Example – I like dogs because they are the most loyal and friendly animal. They can feel your emotions. Also, they’re the cutest creature.
These are the two styles of writing the introduction in your assignment. Want to know which is the best for your introduction? Here we go…

Which Style is Best?

And the answer is “BOTH”. Yes, you read it right. Both the styles are best. It totally depends on the type of assignment you are composing and the type of content you’re planning to write in it.
Like, if you’re writing an introduction which is specific and is full of facts, truth and rules, deductive style of introduction is the best for you.
Else, if you’re composing an introduction which is not specific, rather it has probability and is based on pattern and trends, then inductive style of writing will be the best for you.

So, these were all about the Deductive and Inductive styles of writing the introduction. They both are simple yet very effective styles of writing the introduction. You can choose any one of them for writing the introduction of your assignment as per your need. However, if you are facing any issue, you can seek online assignment help.


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