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Whenever the thought of decorating the house comes to the mind, it seems like a fun activity. For decorating the house, you need to dedicate a good amount of time and money, be it a new one or an existing apartment. You get the opportunity to shop the new decorative items, choose the colour scheme, buy new furniture, and much more. However, when you have budget constraints, this excitement-filled task becomes bit difficult.

Tips To Decorate Your Apartment in an Affordable Way

But, you need not worry now. There are plenty of things that you can add to decorate your home in a budget-friendly manner. Yes, without spending much, you can a new look to your house. Here are affordable apartment decor ideas that you can adopt to transform your space.

• New Lamp Shades

With the passage of time, things become outdated. You can enhance the look of your space just by updating the lampshades. All you need to do is add a new graphic pattern or coloured shade to the original lamp base. It is easy as well as an affordable way to liven up your space. Along with the lampshades, you can also buy furniture online such as side table, tea table, rocking chair, etc.

• Go for Removable Wallpaper

Colours of the walls have a huge impact on the mood of the individuals. Changing the paint of the wall is costly as well as a messy task. Instead of spending a huge amount on the purchase of painting material and labour charges, you can opt for wallpapers. Wallpapers are a great choice.

You can invest in removable wallpaper and give a different look to your room. There is a huge variety of wallpapers in the market. Based on your choice and style, you can choose the wallpaper and decorate your house in an affordable way.

• Paint Old Furniture

Instead of dumping your old furniture, you can give it a new look by applying a new coat of paint. Without spending much, it would drastically change the look of your furniture. In case, you need to buy furniture for your new apartment, it is advisable to check the pepperfry deals. You might find an attractive piece for your new apartment at a reasonable price.

• Get a Chic Rug for Your Room

Be it a living room or your bedroom, by adding a chic rug, you can complete the look of your room. There is an endless variety of rugs on the online stores. Based on type and size of your room, you can buy a reasonably-priced rug.

• Use Mirrors

Along with the photos, frames, you can hang the mirrors on the walls of the small space. Mirrors are the best decorative items to open up a room. A mirror hanged on the focal point gives the illusion of depth. Moreover, when the lights would fall on the mirror, it would make the look brighter and bigger.

• Open Storage Shelves

In your kitchen, you can add the taller kitchen shelves. It would take lesser space and give a different. You can also get this kind of shelves in your small bedroom and store your stuff in an easy and convenient way. You can use pepperfry coupons and get these kinds of items at a discounted price.

• Upgrade the Hardware on Furniture or Doors

Instead of buying new furniture, you can transform them. Yes, by adding new handles and knobs to the door, drawer or almirah, you can give a fresh and trendy look to your space. You can search online for trendy and fancy fittings.

Apart from these tips, there are many other affordable choices to decorate the house. For example, you can use tile stickers in your kitchen as well as bathroom and make them look new as well as beautiful.