It’s annoying when you try to print any meaningful records from the printer and out of nowhere, you get a b200 error code on your group printer. This is the most non-exclusive and dreaded error code on the standard printer. Since it gives you that your printer is not in acceptable conditions.

Some of you are considering buying another printer, but since these printers are not expensive, it is worth taking a look to correct this help code using these simple advancements.

What causes the Canon MX922 Support Code B200 error?

From in-depth research, it was discovered that there are a few elements why your Canon MX922 printer demonstrates the b200 boost code on the printer screen.

1- Ink carriage jam inside the printer: – Previously, in the event of a paper jam in the standard mx922 printer, there is a possibility that the ink carriage could jam in the printer hold at that time . Consequently, eject the jammed carriage before printing. If not, you will get the equivalent b200 boost code on the standard mx922 printer.

2- The ink waste tank may be full: – Another situation is the ink waste tank. On some Canon Pixma MX922 printers, you will find a waste ink tank containing the waste ink used during the cleaning procedure. It is suggested to see that tank in case it is full. Clean the ink tank to eject the Canon b200 boost code from the printer.

3- Evaporated cartridges (not used for a long time): – Two types of cartridges are used in Canon mx922 2 and 4+ printers. In case you are using your printer after enough time, at this time these cartridge gaps evaporated and you will get similar Canon b200 printer error code.

4- Print head overheating (makes association difficult): – Note that in some cases this happens when you print an excessive number of pages simultaneously from the Canon Pixma mx922 printer. Also, the printer’s print leader is overheating. During that time, the print head loses association with the cartridges and that Canon b200 error code begins to appear on the printer screen.

5- Defective cartridges: – Last but not least, in the event that you have purchased any cartridge from the ordinance mx922 that is renewed or is not authentic. At that point, you will also see this b200 booster code on your Canon mx922 printer.

Currently, you can check for these possible reasons before starting to repair a part of this b200 help code.

Most ideal approaches to fix standard b200 error code: –

You may feel that impersonating the print head will take care of your concern. However, impersonating the print head is more expensive than buying another printer. Therefore, we prescribe that you follow these simple steps to clear the b200 error code from the printer.

  1. Mood kills the printer and leaves it all for the next 30-40 minutes. It will reset all capabilities and the printer will cool down.
  2. Check for paper jams or carriage inside the printer. Assuming there is one, at that point open the printer’s front entrance and remove the paper sticks and rotate the ink carriage.
  3. Currently flawless the print head with the help of a PC based printer support apparatus.
  4. The next step is to replace the old cartridges with the updated ones.
  5. Enter the latest Canon printer drivers on the PC.
  6. Ultimately, you must physically clean the print head with a damp material or tissue paper. Clean the gold parts of the print head.

Note: – You still find that the b200 support code appears on the printer screen. Contact Canon Printer Support for further investigation and further assistance.