Brainwonders brings a promising Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test franchise model for you.

BrainWonders was established in 2011 with the help of latest technology and under the concept of Dermatoglyphic theory which helped in transforming the concept of educational counselling

DMIT assessment:

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is done for children & individuals of different age groups, revealing their innate qualities by analyzing their 10 fingerprints. The assessment is backed up the science of “Dermatoglyphics”, a 200yr old science, which is well researched and globally accepted.

Products and Services

DMIT based Career, IQ and Psychometric tests and professional counseling.

Why choose our franchise?

• You will have little or no competition in an industry that is exploding — the educational enrichment industry, because the Brain Wonders franchise is unique.

• A pioneer in an educational business, Brain Wonders has developed a patented technique.

• Your franchise will have a continual flow of eager customers because Brain Wonders meets the needs of ambitious parents who want to know their children’s inherent skills.

• You join a winning team with over 12 years of experience in Dermatoglyphics

• During the last 10 years, over 90% of franchise businesses are still operating.

For More Details about Brainwonders franchise visit https://www.brainwonders.in/power-of-franchisee.php