Cardano Ada – Live Trading – Huge Pop Upward 1000 Satoshi!

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Live Trading Cardano Ada on as it breaks upward trough major resistance at .00001.

Huge Size of over 100 BTC is bought within seconds!

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  1. A a scientist, I love Cardano’s scientific approach, but I wonder if it is overkill…

    The Internet is built on millions of seat of your pants developers and functions just fine. The U.S. is anti-science, preferring a faith-based approach to scientific technological innovation. So the question is whether a scientific approach to blockchain with mathematical proofs via Haskell and Cardano’s battalion of ubergeeks will win the day. I sure hope so, because I have a lot of hopes for better all around science when blockchain technology comes into play and Cardano seems like a natural in such a future milieu.