LABEL Foundation’s Tracks Launches Web3 Music dApp on LG Smart TVs

British Virgin Islands, January 25, 2024

Tracks, the innovative Web3 music streaming dApp created by LABEL Foundation and built on the BNB Chain, is now available on LG Smart TVs running webOS 22 and webOs 23, globally. This pioneering launch introduces the first-ever Web3 music app on an LG smart TV platform, transforming how users engage with music streaming.

The app delivers an engaging experience by offering high-quality music coupled with stylish artworks, strongly resonating with millennials and seamlessly integrating into their daily lives. Since its debut in July, the mobile dApp TRACKS, running on the BNB Chain, has rapidly gained momentum, acquiring over 150,000 users and 10,000 daily active users, predominantly among millennials. This surge in popularity followed investments from top-tier funds in 2022.

Tracks’ success stems from its user-centric approach, distinguishing it from conventional content provider-focused music services. Along with a sustainable revenue model, Tracks aligns with the growing trend of Free Ad-Supported TV, aiming to further amplify its revenue strategy in this area.

Through its collaboration with LG, Tracks extends its reach into the lives of users across various devices, aiming to surpass the limitations of paid streaming and globalize music access. Tracks is well on its way to becoming a premier platform in both Web3 and Web2 music services.

The app is now accessible on the latest LG Smart TV models at no cost, offering an immersive and accessible music experience.


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