Madden 21 Rating Released: Top Guys and Rookies of Las Vegas Raiders

In the past ten years, every July and August have made all NFL players and fans look forward to. Because while waiting for the release of the new Madden NFL game, developer EA Sports will gradually reveal the ratings of all players in the upcoming new game. At present, EA has announced on the official website that Madden 21 will be released in late August. Before that, let us see if the player ratings in Madden 21 are reasonable.

Many people who do not play games may not be able to imagine why Madden 21 can have such a big impact. As the best football simulation game, the main feature of Madden 21 is that it can reflect the real NFL to a certain extent. But this will also cause a problem, that is, players will have a very large deviation in the evaluation of the game. Because some players’ fans are satisfied with their idol’s ratings in the game, while others believe that the Madden series of games lack respect for their most admired players and give too low ratings.

At present, all the player ratings in Madden 21 have been revealed. Anyone can view the list of ratings on the official website of Madden 21. If you have been paying attention to this information, then you must know the news about Josh Jacobs, this MUT 21 Coins phenom RB has successfully become one of the highest rated real-name players. OK, enough information has been talked about, let us look at today’s protagonist-Las Vegas Raiders.

Ratings of the Top Guys

Everyone knows the Raiders have one among the most effective — if not the most effective — offensive line within the NFL, which is why center Rodney Hudson, Richie Incognito and tackle Trent Brown are three of the very best ranked players on the squad. If you propose on establishing a pocket presence in Madden 21, look no further than the Raiders offensive line.

While Josh Jacobs has the dominant big fellas blocking for him, the previous University of Alabama back has superb vision and agility to induce to the second level of defenses. The pairing of Jacobs and also the Raiders offensive line are over enough to relinquish opposing defensive coordinators a tough time, and that they should strike fear into the eyes of your Madden rival.

Ratings of Rookies

Compared with Madden 20, this year EA’s scoring standards for NFL rookies have changed a lot. Obviously, in the new NFL season, all rookies from Las Vegas Raiders have performed very well and exceeded fan expectations for them. As early as 2019, some rookie players have begun to find their own identities and roles in the team. In the upcoming 2020 NFL new season, these rookie players will also have further growth, which makes fans look forward to it.

Henry Ruggs III, as the Raiders’ rookie of the year, received a rating of 76, behind Darren Waller, mainly due to his 98 speed rating. But from the current performance, he is far from reaching the limit. Therefore, his score is likely to be improved after the next update. In any case, if you want to get these players in the upcoming Madden 21, you need to get a lot of MUT 21 Coins in a short time. This is why more and more players choose MMOSPT. MMOSPT is a professional Madden 21 Coins supplier, committed to providing players with the cheapest products and the best quality services to help players save money. If you want to spend the least money to buy the most Madden 21 Coins. is your best choice.


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