Music: Time Warps 

Perhaps, the biggest challenge to Crypto Musicians is getting fans. Crypto is far from mainstream, so people just don’t know about it, let alone spend and earn cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. While there is a thriving community of musicians who listen to each others music, the general public is still rooted in the old ways; Spotify, Pandora, Amazon etc. There is a dire need for users, if we want to see this blockchain technology take off and be a significant force in the music industry.

I do a lot of experimenting with ways to interest music listeners in my music. Posting music on all the usual social media (FB, Twitter etc.) is a total dud. It’s just not how the public shops for music. However, CLL provides a rewarding way for music listeners in general to get involved with Crypto Music. Hence, I’m posting this tune to see what kind of statistics get generated. My vision is for CLL to become the future portal into the music world by rewarding fans who participate.

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