BoneX Margin Makes History By Being The First Platform To Provide 20% Cash Back

Panama City, Panama, December 28, 2023

BoneX, a trailblazing platform in the digital finance landscape, proudly unveils the upcoming launch of its revolutionary margin platform, BoneX Margin. With a commitment to empowering users and fostering mutual growth, BoneX Margin redefines industry standards by offering an unprecedented 20% cash back on transactions.

What makes BoneX unique?

At BoneX, the team believes in supporting the platform’s users to win and grow together. Unlike traditional platforms, BoneX Margin wants to go beyond the ordinary, providing a unique 20% cash back feature should the users need it. BoneX understands the importance of user well-being and strives to make the trading experience not only lucrative but also positive and uplifting.

Positioned as a gateway to limitless exploration in the cryptocurrency landscape, BoneX Margin empowers users with sophisticated tools and features to enhance their trading strategies. As a beacon of innovation in digital finance, BoneX invites users to tap into the untapped potential of blockchain technology, fostering an environment where growth and technological evolution are readily accessible.

What are some key features of BoneX Margin?

BoneX Margin distinguishes itself in the digital currency sector by offering the industry’s most competitive transaction fees, ensuring swift and efficient trades. With a commitment to 24/7 customer support, the platform guarantees timely assistance, providing users with continuous access to the crypto market.

Emphasizing robust security protocols, BoneX Margin also prioritizes the safety of users’ digital assets, instilling confidence in their investments. Additionally, exclusive transaction perks, such as preferential rate structures and VIP privileges, reward users for increased trading activity. The platform further incentivizes growth through a referral rewards program, encouraging users to expand the BoneX community.

Moreover, the BoneX app provides a user-friendly portal for quick trades, real-time market data, and personalized portfolio management, enabling users to trade anytime, anywhere within a comprehensive and intuitive interface that is also accessible by both novice and veterans alike.

The Cash Back Program

As aforementioned, BoneX Margin has a ‘Cash Back Program’, meticulously crafted to enhance users’ trading experience and foster responsible trading practices. This is an opportunity for users to receive a substantial rebate of up to 20% should the need arise, adding an extra layer of support to their trading endeavors. This exclusive program caters specifically to dedicated traders who maintain active and positive-standing accounts while adhering to BoneX’s robust terms and demonstrating prudent trading habits.

Also, over a rewarding one-month period, the program acknowledges and applauds the commitment and loyalty shown by BoneX users and in order to ensure fairness and sustainability, the team has set a cap on the cash back amount. Maintaining trading integrity is of utmost importance, and BoneX endorses ethical trading, cautioning that any fraudulent activity will result in disqualification. 

Furthermore, the program defines various terms such as ‘Cash Back’, ‘Airdrop’, ‘Cash-Back Cap’, ‘Cash Back Period’, and ‘Eligible Trades’, providing clarity on the criteria for receiving cash back rewards. To be eligible, participants must fulfill certain criteria related to account ownership, account status, trading activity, position timeline, dispute status, cash back distribution, limitations on consecutive applications, positive account standing, referred friend, active refund period, and fostering responsible trading. Responsible trading practices involve managing capital wisely, avoiding excessive speculation, and periodic reviews to ensure adherence.

Details on ‘Cash-Back Percentage’, ‘Maximum Cash-Back Cap’, and more are also provided, outlining the intricacies of the initiative. Additionally, the conditions encompass aspects such as malicious activity, cash back disbursement, exclusive cash back, compliance, community respect, account review, fair market practices, collusion, dispute resolution, modification and termination, ensuring market stability, notification of changes, final decision, legal considerations, liability limitation, tax responsibility, and the absence of a guarantee of profits.

About BoneX

BoneX aims to be a highly reliable platform for engaging in cryptocurrency trading and investments. The team is fully dedicated to delivering a smooth and secure experience within the realm of digital assets. To that end, BoneX stands at the forefront of innovation in the cryptocurrency industry while also endorsing a diverse array of blockchain networks, totaling 10 chains, providing access to a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies. With over 40 trading pairs, BoneX’s extensive selection ensures that users can find the ideal match for their investment strategy.

As previously mentioned, BoneX Margin invites users to join a community where growth, innovation, and success are not just goals but daily realities. Users can therefore trade with confidence, explore limitless opportunities, and experience a new standard of excellence in digital finance.

For more information and regular updates, visit the official website as well as the X, Telegram, Discord, and Instagram channels.

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