COVID-19 made Madden NFL 21 choose unconventional cover art

Most gamers generally agree with the statement that it doesn’t really matter who the cover athlete of sports video games is. I think so. In fact, almost no one went to buy this game specifically because of the athlete on the cover of the game box. But for others, this may be very important. For example, some athletes who are currently in their careers. Many of them decided to become professional players because of playing sports video games, and became cover athletes on the box. It is also one of their dreams. In addition, game developers always believe that a good cover star can increase the sales of the game, which is why companies like EA and 2K Sports always make a lot of big news on the issue of cover athletes.

By and by, a great deal of work goes into creating spread fine art, quite often with a photograph shoot highlighting the competitor in uniform. What’s more, it for the most part prompts a genuinely nonexclusive picture with the competitor caught amidst tossing or conveying or spilling a ball, or swinging a bat or racket or stick or club, with the game’s logo superimposed on them. That is no thump against the picture takers or craftsmen who set up spread MUT 21 Coins workmanship — it’s only difficult to accomplish something fascinating with the structure.

The progressing coronavirus pandemic implied that Madden NFL 21’s designers at EA Tiburon couldn’t hold their standard photograph shoot this year — or any photograph shoot whatsoever, indeed — with spread competitor Lamar Jackson. They needed to make lemonade with the unpleasant lemons they’d been given, so they connected with Shawn Hubbard, the official group picture taker for Jackson’s Baltimore Ravens.

EA Tiburon utilized different pictures shot by Hubbard, alongside some Associated Press photographs, to make two montages — one for Madden NFL 21 itself, and another for the game’s Deluxe Edition. They exhibit Jackson’s abilities on the field just as the character he brings to the NFL, with game-day photographs and close-ups of his “Wild Dog” chain.

This choice of cover photo is a huge change for EA. Until then, you can always see simple and clean photos on the covers of all sports video games released by EA, usually a single photo of an athlete with a bright monochrome background. The last time EA did this was in the 1990s. At that time, when you bought a sports game like NHL 94, you would see a lot of blank space on the cover of the box.

If nothing unexpected happens afterwards, players are likely to usher in the official release of Madden NFL 21 on August 28 this year. According to information published on the official website, the game will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. What surprises players is that this winter, the game will also debut on Google Stadia. In other words, the player can even play the game through the mobile phone at that time. At that time, the professional game currency provider MMOSPT will also provide the best service for all players playing Madden 21. They will sell Madden 21 Coins at the lowest price and support multiple payment methods. Their professional team will guarantee the fastest delivery.


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