Enter the Arena: CropBytes Conquest – PvP & World Building Game Launches in 2024!

Dubai, UAE, December 11, 2023

CropBytes, a community-focused gaming powerhouse since 2018, has evolved into more than just a game over the past five years. It’s a dynamic creative ecosystem thriving on Android Play Store, iOS App Store, and WebGL. The game’s journey has been shaped by a dedicated community that, for half a decade, has not only played but owned, nurtured, and traded virtual assets, forming the bedrock of CropBytes’ enduring success.

CropBytes isn’t just a gaming studio; it’s a living experience with the multiple mini-games built into the environment. CropBytes is all set for expansion with CropBytes Conquest, a PvP and world-building game set to rock the web3 gaming landscape in 2024. Looking ahead, CropBytes will enable the interoperability of existing farm game assets into CropBytes Conquest and all future games that fall under the CropBytes banner, ensuring that the community will have more opportunities to thrive.

The CBX Saga:


Community ownership has been a cornerstone in CropBytes’ game, with CBX held steadfastly for over five years. This longevity speaks volumes about the sustainability of CBX’s economy, with growing value anticipated, especially with the introduction of the CropBytes Conquest game.

Recent performance indicators showcase CBX’s resilience, with a daily trade volume averaging $3.5 million. Listed on Bybit, MEXC, Probit, LBank, Uniswap, Tegro and most recently on Coins.PH and BTSE, CBX promises expanded accessibility and trading avenues for the gaming community.

Backed by Tegronomics, the key pillars defining CBX include its deflationary design, economic integration, weaving virtual assets seamlessly into real-world principles; a player-driven economy, and placing control in the hands of gamers to shape in-game dynamics. 

New Chapters: Conquest PvP and A World-building Sandbox


As CropBytes introduces Conquest PvP, a world-building game format with use cases designed for existing game assets and $CBX tokens, it gives gamers a chance to explore their competitive nature and makes the game more engaging and creative. The launch of this new gaming experience will pan out great for existing players and also incentivize new gamers to explore more opportunities with CropBytes.

Superhero NFTs Emerging:


Enter the iconic Superheroes, fan favorites for over four years in CropBytes. These digital companions have served as loyal farm aids, and now, in a groundbreaking move, they’re set to take center stage in the PvP and world-building game, CropBytes Conquest. The move comes after years of building trust and engagement within the community.

Undergoing tokenization on the Polygon blockchain, the Superheroes will gain unique on-chain attributes as well as attributes within the PvP gameplay, enhancing their individuality and market value. This transformation not only adds a new layer of engagement but also opens doors to exciting investment opportunities for players.

Explore the Teasers:

CropBytes has been teasing details about the upcoming battle game on their socials, providing glimpses into the thrilling universe of CropBytes Conquest. Dive into the sneak peeks and stay tuned for the unfolding saga.

About CropBytes Games:


CropBytes’ first game, a crypto farming game that launched in 2018, lets players own, nurture, and trade assets for success across Android, iOS, and WebGL. In CropBytes Conquest, the new real-time strategy game, players will balance biomes like Landscape, Water, Forest, and Rocks to build a dominant realm. Hearts and Superheroes from CropBytes are key in resource management and battles, weaving empathy and responsibility into the game’s core narrative. The goal: construct and expand a dominant realm in the CropBytes Conquest world, coming soon in 2024.

Future Prospects and Backing:

CBX pioneers a gaming economy blending entertainment with real economic incentives. Backed by industry leaders like Polygon Studios, Draper Dragon Network, Buidlers Tribe, Old Fashion Research, Push Protocol, and mentors like Sandeep Nailwal, Siddharth Menon, and Nischal Shetty, CBX has built trust and true value for gamers who enjoy the play-to-earn gaming models within virtual environments.

Join our community:

Opensea – https://opensea.io/collection/cropbytes-1 

Telegram – https://t.me/cropbytes 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/CropBytes

Website – https://www.cropbytes.com/


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