How to communicate your dissertation writing requirements to us more accurately (recommended for new users)

1. Your writing requirements and the best way to place an order with us

Every day, the front desk customer service staff of best dissertation writing service needs to provide consulting services and communication for customers. During this period, if you directly submit your writing order or writing request to the customer service staff, it may cause delay in order processing or poor communication.

At British Assignments Help, the best way for you to submit a writing order is to directly fill in the writing request to submit the order and pay for the service through the “Online Entrustment” page of our website. Such an order submission method can not only help us to obtain your writing requirements systematically, but also our back-office staff (or writers) can directly process the order, reduce the workflow, and improve the efficiency and quality of the services we provide to you.

At British Assignments Help, the best way for you to make a modification request (or supplementary request) to an order is to log in to your personal account and view the order list, and send your modification request (or supplementary request) to us through the form on the corresponding order details page . We will respond and process your request as soon as possible.

Second, how to fill in the writing requirements to help the writer more targeted writing?

British Assignments Help staff will process orders and write writers in full accordance with the client’s writing requirements. A clear description of the writing requirements is very necessary for the client and us.

1. Before you fill in the writing requirements, you should first understand the writing requirements yourself

2. Prepare the response materials and materials for the completion of the writing (such as writing examples, designated reference materials, reading materials or Internet playback of the movie you need to watch) URL, etc.)

3. You should carefully select and fill in your order deadline, writing pages, citation style, detailed requirements and other writing requirements and upload materials that may be needed for writing by the writer in time

4. The detailed requirements should be filled in Try to be as detailed as possible, which not only helps the writer to write, but also a process to deepen your personal understanding of the writing order. A better detailed requirement may need to include the following aspects:

a) Your personal writing level and your desired writing level ;

B) Your personal information related to the writing task;

c) Writing topics such as Paper or Essay (if the teacher gives you choices, it is recommended that you limit the scope);

d) Other matters that you want the writer to pay attention to for order writing.

3. What payment methods do we support?

Our default currency is the pound, while supporting Canadian dollars, British pounds, Australian dollars, Renminbi and other currencies. Supported payment methods include Paypal, credit card, e-transfer (Canada) and Alipay.


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