How To Jump The Que And Earn $NOTES On Choon!

Hi everyone, it’s Crypto Musician (aka transhuman) again!

This just in…

Blockchains are really busy these days; especially music sites like Choon where 1000s of musicians are flocking to it in droves. Now you can get accepted immediately and start earning $NOTES by creating playlists of music you like.

Furthermore, if you are a musician and upload your own original music, you can even get a 100% payout. Non-musicians can earn 5% to 100% payout from a tune on their playlist depending on what the composer’s share is.

Here is the link:

Sign up now to avoid the que!

Check out this Playlist I created on Choon called Krypto Krash. In the chart below, you can see that I have earned 808.74 $NOTES from the playlist being streamed 77.16 times.

Finally, if you do join and upload music, let me know and I might add your tune to one of my playlists. 😎


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