Tezos Boston Pitch Competiton

Introducing the Tezos Boston Pitch Competition 2020.

Throughout the past two years Tezos Boston has been known to host a variety of meetups, from founder talks with Kathleen and Arthur to security token panel talks with Tokensoft, TQTezos, and StakerDAO. This has allowed us to gain valuable connections with local universities by working with their respective blockchain clubs. Our focus has been to bring in as many new developers, builders, and community members as possible through these events while also educating and providing resources for the attendees to advance within the Tezos ecosystem. One conclusion reached is that there is still a lack of connection and collaboration between those with business or entrepreneurial backgrounds to those with developer or engineering backgrounds. The most successful projects often have team members of both developer and business backgrounds so our solution to help connect the two schools of thought is the Tezos Boston Pitch Competition.


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