With the Launch of our New Website https://cryptoliveleak.org/ users are able to turn their Attention into CLL ERC-20 Tokens through our unique Attention Mining Mechanism.

CryptoLiveLeak aims to bring continued value to our subscribers by rewarding them for their attention through our unique process of Attention Mining. A user must first create an account and then they will be able to begin earning CLL Points for completing various task on the site. Once they accumulate enough CLL Points they may exchange them for CLL ERC-20 Tokens traceable on the Ethereum network here: https://etherscan.io/token/0x3dc9a42fa7afe57be03c58fd7f4411b1e466c508

We have future plans to add other ERC-20 Utility Tokens to our site for purchase with CLL Points via partnerships and promotions. For example if a company wants us to review their cryptocurrency we can either have them airdrop our holders their specific Cryptocurrency or we can have them gift the Exchange their token for sale via CLL Points. Either way we are striving to continue finding new ways to bring value to the CLL Holders.

Below is a video Walk-through on How to Use the CryptoLiveLeak.org site and start Attention Mining CLL Today.

Earn CLL Points and Exchange them for CLL Tokens, Track your CLL Point Balance and compare your score with others on the Leaderboard.

1 CLL Token = 100 CLL Points

100 CLL Poins — Create an Account

10 CLL Points — View a Post

10 CLL Points — Comment on a Post

5 CLL Points — Every 15 Seconds of Video Watched

10 CLL Points — Refer a Visitor

20 CLL Points — Refer a Subscriber

1 CLL Point — Get a Like on your Post or Comment

CLL is currently trading on ForkDelta and Token Store Here:



Thank you for your interest in the the CryptoLiveLeak platform and associated utility token. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and YouTube for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.


      1. thiscrazylife

        Hi Ken, it does not seem like the video compensation feature is working. At least not for me, I don’t know if it started working for anyone else. This is my third time to the site a in a couple days and I only get rewarded for landing on new pages and commenting. Any help would be appreciated.

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