The Various Types Of Free Poetry Contests In Which You Can Take Part

Poetry is termed as the best way of portraying emotions. There are many individuals who professionally writes poems and there are many who writes poems to express themselves. So, if you are one of them and you love poetry or you want to become a writer then you should take part in Poetry Contests so that you can improve your poetry skills. There are some trustworthy websites which offers writers to take part in free poetry contests and they list various types of poetry contests from which you can select your preferred one and submit your entry application. If you wish to know about such poetry contests types then you should keep on reading.

1. Rhyming poetry contest:

Rhyming poetry contest type is a popular contest type and here you will have to write a poem in which every line will be in rhymes. Your entire poem must have to be in a complete rhyming order and that is a rule.

2. Share a story in a poem competition:

Share a story in a poem contest type is considered very creative and at the same time somewhat tough. In this contest type you will have to share any story in the form of poem.

3. Love poem poetry contest:

A love poetry contest type is where you will have to write down a poem expressing your feelings or love for your loved one.

4. I can poetry competition:

Well, the poetry contest type is a very interesting one. In this type, the authorities of the poetry contest will provide you with some words and you will have to use the given words in the starting line of your poem.

5. Free verse poetry competition:

The meaning of free verse poetry contest type is that here you won’t have to follow the any particular structure of poem writing. You can write the poetry in whichever structure and way you want. Besides the best part is that there will also not be any rules for writing the poem under this poetry contest type.

You should choose the Best Poetry Contests type which you feel is your forte. But most importantly you should always follow the poetry rules set given in the competition otherwise there will be maximum chances of disqualification. So, don’t forget to follow the rules and try your level best to win the poetry competition.

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