What is a Crypto Musician?

To put it simply, the Crypto Musician betokens the evolution of the musician to his/her/it’s most recent form…

In the past, music was selected for you by mass media. What you saw on TV or heard on the radio by and large dictated what you were going to listen to. Nowadays, the music world has fractured into a trillion pieces. Digital technology allows anyone to record and distribute their music globally in an instant. Previously, only top musicians like a Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley were able to garner the fame and fortune of musical stardom.

Now, the old media is fading. Broadcast TV and cable are waning in the wake of YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and many others. According to Forbes magazine, streaming is the future of music. Spotify and Pandora are the current king and queen of streaming music listening in the modern world.

Moreover, in the midst of all this, the hypermodern music scene has given birth to organizations like Musicoin and Choon that not only allow musicians to release their own music and retain all their rights, but also be paid in cryptocurrency immediately, every time a fan plays one of their tunes.

To see first hand what I am talking about, play some examples. If you have old school tastes, you might prefer the Classicalish playlist example. Jazz fans will like the Jazzy playlist. If you need a more contemporary beat, check out Krypto Krash. For a relaxing musical backdrop to your working day listen to Work Music

I have only scratched the surface of the Crypto Musician’s world. Tune in later for ways that even non-musicians can profit from, creating music playlists for themselves and their friends. If this blog gets some traction, I will also share some of my adventures in the crypto world like buying Real Estate in MegaCryptoPolis or airdrops and many other exciting new developments in this fast moving and excitingly new crypto world.

 Above is a token representing a piece of real estate I bought in MegaCryptoPolis. It’s like a title deed, but more cryptoid.


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