CryptoLiveLeak Video Walkthrough

CryptoLiveLeak Video Walkthrough

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Complete Video walk-through on how to Attention Mine CLL ERC20 Tokens from
Earn CLL Points and Exchange them for CLL Tokens
Track your CLL Point Balance and compare your score with others on the Leaderboard

1 CLL Token = 100 CLL Points

100 CLL Poins – Create an Account
10 CLL Points – View a Post
10 CLL Points – Comment on a Post
5 CLL Points – Every 15 Seconds of Video Watched
10 CLL Points – Refer a Visitor
20 CLL Points – Refer a Subscriber
1 CLL Point – Get a Like on your Post or Comment

We are not financial advisers and all investment decisions you make are not our responsibility – please do your own research before investing.

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