How To Spot A Fake Profile On Matrimonial Site

Now a days matrimonial sites in Punjab are touching the sky. Anyone seeking a partner seems to have an account registered on numerous numbers on profiles at a time. An increase in demand for these websites and deceit profiles are congruent – people with wrong intentions also login to these sites. So, it is our responsibility and requirement to spot a fake profile and inform representatives of that website by raising an issue against that profile. Here, in this article, you will learn some proven methods to spot a fake person on a matrimonial site.

Not stick with one profile

A fake person on a Punjab matrimonial website or at any other matchmaking platform will never stick to one profile. Agile nature on these sites is one of the signs of a fake person. Deceit person has the tendency to change his/her username. age, income, and all other details. This kind of inconsistency in his profile is sufficient to spot the wrong person.

Living far

Yes, it goes without saying that these matrimonial sites give us a pool of candidates to choose from, that is why a large number of people love to use them, but nothing comes for nuts – everything has it has its disadvantages. Like while using matrimonial sites in Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or another city this becomes pointless to know about other people living at long distances. Some people living at a long distance make the benefit of living far to hide their original identity and pretends to live far from your home.

A person asks for money

Many incidents have been taken place in the last many years where people ask for money. If a person whom you meet through matrimonial site asks for money, you save yourself and your life. Such scams are very common and the quicker you stop being in touch with that fake person, the more helpful it will be for you and your life.

The pressure to answer sooner

Sometimes, people with undisclosed motives seem more emotional on matrimonial websites with negative emotions, once their intentions are fulfilled they seem to be hurry to leave the platform. So, it’s natural for such a person to insert pressure on you to get a Yes a from you and get answered quickly. You need to use the best matrimonial sites in Punjab to stay away from such fake persons and select your companion at your convenience. If you find a person too dominating on an online platform site and gives you no space, time and living background, and seek your permission to meet him or her without revealing much personal information about him or her, it’s better to keep your distance from that person – this can be a fraud.


Do not make your love life a scrabble game. Punjab matrimonial has profiles ranging from low visitors to high visitors profiles managed by highly experts staff members. They have a separate premium section for charismatics profiles. You should go for them and avoid such fake interactions


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