The Best Android Charging Cables That Make Your Life Much Easier

If we are going to talk about an old friend we’ve been using for a long time even before the revolution of smart devices, we definitely have to mention charging cables. These wires are said to be the second-most popular charging devices and now they’re currently used for sending or collecting information. In this article, we’re going to review the best Android charging cables.

1.Anker PowerLine Cable

Today, we prefer quick-charging cables, making the old versions seem obsolete. The Anker Powerline Cable is the first on this list and like the following models, it guarantees quick charge. It is 10 feet long, which is pretty much for a wire of this kind but despite this fact, it is easy to carry in the bag. Its Kevlar fibers and heavy reinforcements provide longevity or only $12 on Amazon. It Is rated one of the best cheap Android charging cables.

2.Belkin MIXIT ChargeSync Cable

Unlike the Powerline cable, which is long, the Belin MIXIT Sync is a quick-charging cable that measures 4 feet long created by the Belkin Company that has been in the industry for almost 50 years. If you fixate on it for a bit, you will realize this Android charging cable looks like any other Micro USB cable but with the advantage of running with a larger range of devices such as laptops, video game controllers, and smart phones.

3.JSAUX Micro USB – Twin Pack

This cable is not a simple Micro USB device but a durable, lengthy and powerful option.

Why powerful? Well, the JSAUX has the capacity to transfer speeds to 480Mbpps and charge at a rate of 2.4A, enabling you to send or save information while the phone or device is charging. It is made of a sturdy nylon that doesn’t only make it durable but tangle-free; something that differentiates it from its plastic variants. It is rubberized, meaning it is hard to damage when being bent or plugged. All this positions the JSAUX as one of the best charging cables in the marketplace.

Only $11 you have to pay for this gem.

4.NetDot Magnetic Charging Cable

The NetDot Magnetic is probably one of the shortest cables on this list with only 3.3 feet long. As its name suggests, it is a magnetic cable that provides the same functionalities of the pricey Anchor. This wire has a green light that turns on when plugged. It runs on magnetism which keeps it connected to the device port safely. It could be very helpful for kids or people who tend to plug the cable wrongly. Due to this feature, the odds of getting the port damage are almost none.

The NetDot is one of the best cheap Android charging cables with an average price of $8. Best used with cheap tablets and non-original devices that get their USB ports loose easily.

5.Syncwire Charging Cords

The best aspect about this cable is the lifetime warranty, however, the material it is made of is even more impressive. It happens that the Syncwire charging is a braided cord made of aluminum that prolongs its lifespan. This means you can snag three of these cables and they will serve you anyway. These cords have a transferring capacity of 480 Mbps and can handle up to 2.4A. Further, they support USB 2.0 standard.

It is important to say that they are originally available in 3.3 feet but in case you want the 6.5 foot version, you have to pay an extra $3. The Syncwire cords include a lifetime warranty.

6.Fuse Chicken Titan Cable

The Fuse Chicken Titan Cable is one of the most expensive on this list. It is wrapped with industrial strength steel, which makes it resistant to almost everything. It is easily portable, but be careful as it is thicker and heavier than other models you’ve probably had. When plugging it, bend it carefully since the connectors are weak and tend to break. If you still feel like buying the Chicken Titan, opt for a shorter model if you don’t need it that lengthy.

The cable measures 3.25 feet but there are Titan models that provide more portability. Did we say it was costly? Yes, it is $15.

7.Proxicast Cable

The Proxicast is a non-quick charging cable that measures 6 feet and designed to plug phone cases. It features a Micro male tip, which is also long and perfect for think hard-to-connect devices like some smartwatches and tablets. It is rugged and thick, so you can handle it carelessly.

8.Anker PowerLine Micro USB / USB-C

If you have an Android device, be it a smartphone or tablet, the Anker Powerline Micro can suit you best. Despite it is lengthy, it is cheaper than most Apple’s connectors with its 3 feet in length. It also comes with a very long 18-month warranty and supplies full-speed charging. This device is $17 on Amazon but there’s another version that is much cheaper and works better in standard USB ports, the USB-C Ankle Powerline.

9.Apple USB-C Charge Cable

Although the Apple charching cable is made for Apple devices, it claimed to be one of the best Android charging cables as well. This wire can be utilized without an issue to keep a MacBook or a Pixel smartphone charged and going. If you happen to need a cable for the new iphone X or 8, this USB-C model is the right one.

It is a little pricey but worth it for the features it comes with. $19 on Amazon.

10.Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning 10 feet

If you regularly use your smartphone or table while charging, this long charging wire can make things less awkward. Not only the Anker Powerline+II is long, but also durable and capable to bear up to 175 pounds in weight. In case of suffering damage, this product includes a lifetime warranty.

For many, the price for this cable is not enticing because costs $22. So, cross your fingers hoping it is as durable as it claims.

11.The Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 cable

The Anker Powerline II 3 in-1 is probably one of the best Android charging cables thanks to the capacity to support lighting and work as a USB –C and Micro USB cable at a time. So, if you only want to charge up various types of devices, this is where this cable comes into play. It includes adapters at the end that makes it possible to charge lighting and Micro USB devices, and is compatible with iOS and Android as well. The bummer is that it doesn’t withstand overuse.


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