August 20th, 2019

Boston, Massachusetts

Networking and Resumes

To start the event off, Tezos Commons Boston Chapter President, Kenneth M. Garofalo, networked with hundreds of eager applicants at the Microsoft NERD Center. Ken received an abundance of resumes from potential developers and operations contributors for the Tezos ecosystem. Any applicant or person interested in joining Tezos is welcome to reach out to Tezos Commons.

After the networking, the event shifted to a panel speaker format. Ken Garofalo represented Tezos Commons Boston Chapter for the panel discussion Insights about Blockchain Communities.

Panel Talk | Insights about Blockchain Communities – Tezos Commons, ConsenSys, firstbloodio

This is a Panel Talk from the 2019 Boston Blockchain Job Fair & Networking Event held at Microsoft NERD Center, August 20, 2019.

The discussion is Insights about Blockchain Communities – Tezos Commons, ConsenSys, firstbloodio

In this talk our very own Ken Garofalo is representing Tezos Commons Foundation as the Boston Chapter President.

Joe Zhou representing firstbloodio

James Moreau representing @ConsenSys

The event was hosted by Spark Blockchain (Twitter – @IncubatorSpark)

The discussion was moderated by Charles Li

Thank you to everyone who came to the event and thank you to Spark Blockchain for organizing the event. All resumes that were received have been forwarded onto the project manager for review.