The enigmas of social media warfare

They are exactly who we thought they were…Social Media Outlets. The mother of all weapons. The modern-day nuclear weapon of mass destruction. Brainwashing, behavior modulation, data harvesting, and disinformation. We are the crops grown with sun rays of lies and raindrops of disinformation. We follow nature’s schedule and bloom every four years before an election waiting to be harvested like corn from a field. Copious amounts of data plucked from each plant and packaged for consumption. Planted, grown, controlled, manipulated, manufactured, packaged, sold, consumed, excreted. Wash, rinse, repeat. Do you see the pattern?

Ideology and philosophical ideas have been laundered through American institutions like Facebook and Reddit, but by whom? Sometimes it can never really be clear who is pulling the strings. Is it the military-industrial complex? Dark hands of the government? Space Force? Presidents? Far-left or right organizations? Other countries? Let’s just call them the “enigma” behind moving forces through social media. I want to be clear this isn’t every social media movement, but more than you would think. The common theme here is that “enigmas’ ‘ plant seeds which are grown through social media where narrative volume is amplified until it becomes mainstream or the common truth. This process has also become known as, “Narrative laundering – the technique of moving a certain narrative from its state-run origins to the wider media ecosystem through the use of aligned publications, “useful idiots,” and, perhaps, witting participants – is an “active-measures” tactic with a long history.” Stay woke out there.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. Ever heard of memetic propaganda, hack-and-leak operations, or Fancy Bear? All of these devices are used through social media outlets to spy, harvest data, and deploy with the intent to change people’s ideologies about topics, modify behaviors, and incite fears. If this doesn’t sound like some modern-day brainwashing shit then I don’t know what does. When I think of brainwashing the first thing that pops into my head is a mad scientist strapping me to a table with a mind-reading helmet in front of a projection screen. Just me? Okay, well if you can walk with me for a second, I’ll try to explain this image…

Our mind-reading helmets are the microphones and cameras on our phones that social media outlets love to actively use to listen regarding our likes and dislikes. The brainwashing projection screen is the screen of the phone. Our eyes never leave from this screen and we are drawn to it like a moth to light. The mad scientist is one of the enigmas who we eagerly greet and apply the straps to the table by ourselves. We are freely and happily putting on the mind-reading helmet, strapping ourselves to the table, and paying the mad scientist to conduct her brainwashing. Even though this is only one depiction of brainwashing, we must learn to recognize what it looks like in its many shape-shifting forms. It can be delivered in many different ways, different doses, and by many different people.

Scary things to think about, but this is the reality that we find ourselves in today. If we do not awaken we are bound to repeat the same mistakes of the past. We are so susceptible to this there is no doubt, and the government will not step in fast enough to protect us. That is why we as the people will need to awaken our minds so that we may begin to establish defense systems and offensive mechanisms for identifying when social media weapons are being deployed on us. I would highly recommend you check out I did a write up a few weeks ago regarding IdeaMarkets, and how this open market concept for truth allows users to establish the credibility of the information through voting. This is one of the many different tools that we can begin using, but I think a general education about how these “brainwashing” systems work would be very eye-opening for many people.

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My closing thoughts do bring about many questions regarding our personal data security, democracy, and civil liberties protections in the United States. If these enigmas, homegrown or foreign, planted these seeds and deployed systems on our homeland does this put our democracy at risk? Do we need to update our democracy for modern times? Have we become the world’s piggy bank for narrative laundering? These questions need to be brought to light so that we can understand the weaknesses of our democracy and how blockchain may have a big helping hand in fortifying these shortcomings.


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