5 Reason Why Sales of Your Online Store Don’t Increase

The classic situation: you are going to open an online store, looking for an interesting product, find it, and cannot sell. There are several mistakes that can contribute to this. If your sales don’t grow you most likely made one of these mistakes or all at once. Below outlined the main mistakes of the online store owners, that may contribute to the business collapse. Avoiding these mistakes may help you choose the best product for your store and promote good sales.

1. You haven’t done any research

Many entrepreneurs rely on intuition when looking for products for their stores. They often choose products according to a product’s uniqueness, price, and own preferences. It might work, but any theory needs to be prowed by market research.

While you may ask for help in a certified business consulting to create a business plan it is even more important to understanding trends and seeing demand. You may also determine which product categories in demand using social networks.

2. You don’t know your client

Flooding your store with products is only half the process. The next step is positioning it. In social networks, blogs, targeted or contextual advertising the popularity of the product depends on the description of the product. This can be done only if you clearly imagine the portrait of the potential buyer. It is not forbidden to work according to the principle “for everyone at once”, but even in this case, you need to position the goods according to certain rules. Several advertising channels need to satisfy the requests of different target groups.

Niche trading involves lower marketing costs, but you need to know who exactly your potential client. You need to know the gender, age, location, and even hobby.

3. You aren’t unique

How is your store differ from others in the same segment? The answer to this question formulates one of the main requirements for high sales – a unique selling proposition. Let’s say you sell jeans. However, there are a huge number of the same online stores where clients can buy a similar product. If you sell designer jeans or jeans with an author’s patch you need to indicate this on the main page of the site, as well as on all marketing channels.

Any advantage of your offer like free shipping anywhere in the world, fitting options, one year warranty, or custom tailoring must be marked with a distinctive sign. Then the client will be able to distinguish you among other competitors and understand why he should pay you.

4. Your product has a bad description

The description of the product includes its basic characteristics. Returning to the jeans example, it can be the size or color. Photography is an integral part of the description, especially when it comes to a product with visual value such as clothing. For better search engine optimization, you should provide your product presentation with keywords. They must be both in the general description and in the title.

If you do not have enough knowledge to understand how to optimize, then don’t hesitate to analyze your competitors. It will be especially useful to analyze those competitors who have big sales.

5. Your store looks suspiciously

There may be several reasons for this. One way or another, most of them are tied to the appearance of your site. The person making a purchase is forced to share extremely confidential information like a bank card number. For obvious reasons, the reputation of the store where the client is going to sends money is very important.

Poor inline store design lowers reputation. Such things as a questionable domain name, lack of contacts, reviews (or the ability to leave them), and appropriate certificates may also decrease your reputation.


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