7 Best Ways to Enhance the Sales of Your Bakery Candies

Attracting the attention of potential buyers is the first step in being able to sell candy. If you have candy to sell, create an attractive and fun display that will be as pleasing to the eye as your treats will be on the palate. By doing this, you will be able to attract new buyers, encourage them to buy what you have to offer, and most likely you will make your sales substantially more profitable.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to start creating these creative methods can be knowing what kind of trends in candies consumption exist in the world, in your country, in your region, and in the area where you are offering your products, from the general to the particular: knowing who your best customers are. However, this is just the beginning, and the best way to use these trends or see if they work is through concrete actions.

Therefore, in the following video, we present the 7 ideas that can increase the sales of your bakery candies or sweets:

1. Give Samples to Those Who Pass by Your Bakery

Offer a bunch of candies to your customers and people who pass by. A customer can be inspired to buy what you are offering if they like the taste, it looks good, and is accessible to purchase. People who walk around and try it may become customers by trying your product. Use bold colors that attract attention. When choosing the colors for your rigid candy boxes, look first to reflect the colors present in your candy. If you sell chocolates, for example, use coffee as one of your dominant colors. Choose contrasting colors like yellow and black to increase your counter’s ability to attract attention.

2. Offer Your Products For Special Events, Such as Weddings and Birthdays

Usually, a custom product offers a lot of profitability to bakers, such as cakes. On the other hand, offering pastries to catering companies can help you create an alliance with them, who may also require desserts, depending on the event they attend. Create a heading in block or type letters. Buy or create the letters in a bold shade using bright colors. If you are creating a print poster for display, select a large sanserif font size that is easy to read for the headline. Keep your headline short and direct. For example, try one that says “Rich Sweets” to put on a display case of assorted sweets.

3. Get Closer to Local Parks

If your candy shop is near a park or a place that is of children’s interest, then it is more likely to sell more. People coming to that local park will definitely consider the nearest candy shops. Thus, you can make use of candy boxes that inspires to attract customers who are coming for fun.

4. Offer Candies at Your Establishment

Although this is not a direct marketing technique, your classes will attract students who were not previously clients. The probability that your students will buy products from your bakery is very high. Organize your candy in an accessible way. 

Place the treats in front of your counter, keeping them low enough to ensure they can be reached by shoppers of any height. This will ensure that your buyers can easily pick up and buy them.

5. Create a Website and Pages on Your Social Networks

Upload photos of your products, offer special offers and discounts for those who follow you on your networks, and create an attractive website that has the necessary information about your bakery.

Consider including an online order form for your customers to order and pick-up products from your store. Keep a database with emails to send them special offers and news in your bakery.

6. Create an Attractive Environment For Your Customers

A comfortable and inviting environment will make your customers want to spend more time in your bakery, rather than just buying things and leaving. Implement rewards programs so that your frequent customers are rewarded for their loyalty. Integrate photos on your counter. Show potential buyers how delicious the candy you sell is by including pictures of the product or of individuals who are satisfied and relish the candy you offer. Instead of cluttering up the photo counter, select just a few and make them large enough to attract buyers’ attention.

7. Offer the Highest Quality to Your Customers

None of the aforementioned efforts will work if the product you offer does not have the best quality and the most exquisite taste. For this, it is important to have bakery equipment that gives you excellent results, regardless of the size of your production. It presents a variety of sweets, offering those that are preferred by buyers. Although you can set up a counter featuring only one type of candy in the most attractive custom rigid boxes, doing so is not as effective as displaying a variety of options. By offering more than one candy, you increase the chances that your merchandise will attract the attention of potential buyers.

Remember that it is important to record all sales, purchases, and costs. You should never lose track of how much is invested, whether in raw materials or operating expenses.

In a nutshell, enhancing the sales of your candies is easy when the right types of candies are displayed in the right place and ideal packaging. Whether it’s about candies, chocolates, or any other sweet from your bakery, you can get/buy rigid chocolate boxes from UCB in the USA. All you have to do is identify your custom packaging needs and you can easily get on the top. 


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