Bitcoin Futures Explained – CME – NASDAQ – Winklevoss

We do not in any way promote cryptocurrency – this video was made for informational purposes only. We are not financial advisers and have no fiduciary responsibility. This video is for informational and entertainment purpose only.

This video details Bitcoin Futures – The reason behind Bitcoin’s most recent surge higher!
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CME – Dec 18th 2017
Nasdaq – Q2 2018

Ability to Short Bitcoin
– Traders waiting to short Bitcoin
Bitcoin ETF – next Step
– Ease and Liquidity
– Winklevoss Twins “COIN”
– SEC Reviewing again
– 100,000 BTC
Institutional Investor opportunity to get exposure to bitcoin
– Traders love volatility.
Taking out home equity – maxing out credit cards
– Typical signs of the PEAK of a bubble.

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