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Introducing the CryptoLiveLeak CLL Cryptocurrency –

ERC 20 Token Contract Address: 0x3dc9a42fa7afe57be03c58fd7f4411b1e466c508

Symbol: CLL

Decimals: 18

Welcome to CryptoLiveLeak!🚀💰💯💵🚀

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  1. Interesting coincidence. Today is the first day of my new exercise regimen.

    Blockchain is truly changing things. I just downloaded Sweatcoin – an app that pays you to walk. Simply, you down the app, walk as you normally would and get paid in SweatCoins. The algorithm in your smartphone does all the monitoring.

    To be realistic, you are not going to get rich off SweatCoin, but I find it does motivate me to get off the couch more often. First of all, because I like the money, but furthermore it’s cool to be mining SweatCoin by the sweat of my brow:)) LOL!

    Here’s the link:

    When you signup there are videos and all kinds of stuff to explore: A trip to Borneo, product offers etc.