1. transhuman

    I have seen DRGN mentioned frequently on the Internet. I looked into it, but lost interest when I delved in. It would seem your take on DRGN corroborates my opinion. Perhaps in the future…

  2. Lunapac

    Seems that DragonChain is doing what most ICO’s have done in the recent past. They promise a TON of appealing functions/utility for their token, then when they launch, they change their roadmap a TON. Most end up being empty promises or flat out lies. They can do this, because Crypto is full of risk and ICO don’t really have any rules or few laws to follow. Kinda sad, since DChain had allot of hype. Main reason why, if you do get into an ICO now, as soon as you can, sell, get out and make what profit you can. Good luck. 😀