Easy game to get first crypto

I wanted to wait until tomorrow, but what the hell – no point delaying this, as my first post wasn’t even a proper post 😀

First easy game on the list is this:


I advise you NOT to delete the referral part, or you’ll lose a head start – more on that under section 4 of this post.

It’s not a goldmine, but it’s a good way to get your first cryptos in a fun way. It doesn’t take long to withdraw and getting there is simple – there are several ways to do that:

1) Main one is click-mining. You simply go to “Earn money > Mine resources” in the top menu, choose a mine and start clicking away. Every 10 clicks you’ll have to go through a link shortener – this bit is upgradable, which means you can buy an upgrade in the “Store” section, that increases the number of clicks between link shorteners. Just a little thing that makes earning easier.

2) Second one is offline mining. In order to do that, you should go to “Store” and buy some offline miners. After you do that, you can check you miners in “Earn money > Offline miners”. Note that you’ll have to collect the resources manually, so make sure not to just buy a s…load of Stone miners and leave them without any upgrades. Oh, right you can upgrade each offline miner you buy – it increases the resources you get and shortens their mining time. I’ll leave the math homework to you – each upgrade gets more expensive, so you’ll have to figure out when it gets too expensive for you.

3) You can also use your CPU power to mine MCCs (the game currency). Note that it’s only profitable if you’ve got some serious CPU and a couple of upgrades from “Store”.

4) There is also some money to be earned from referring others. That’s a good way to get some extra MCCs for smaller game upgrades. If you want to go this way, make sure to buy some referral upgrades, especially the one that gives your refs a bigger starter bonus. I upgraded mine, so IF YOU REGISTER FROM MY REFLINK, YOU’LL GET $0.3 STARTER BONUS: it’s pretty useful, since the MINIMUM WITHDRAW IS ONLY $0.5 🙂

Important note: be sure to consider going into “Profile” and setting the ads to “Very annoying”, as you’ll get FOUR TIMES the resources from playing the game this way.

Ok, i think that’s a good little starting guide, which i wasn’t expecting this post to turn into. Still, i’m glad it turned out to actually contain some useful info instead of a c…load of useless links and two sentences which do not give any direction for you.

Have fun trying the game out & if you have any questions, try commenting, i’ll be sure to check for new comments every now and then and respond to each and every one of you.

Take care & don’t get easily tricked by eye candies!


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