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New Blockchain ETF Co-Operator Elwood Plans Fresh Crypto Investment Options

New Blockchain ETF Co-Operator Elwood Plans Fresh Crypto Investment Options


United Kingdom-based asset management company Elwood Asset Management is looking to increase its cryptocurrency offerings after co-launching a blockchain exchange-traded fund (ETF), Bloomberg reported on March 12.

Elwood, which is owned by billionaire Brevan Howard creator Alan Howard, partnered with Invesco to bring a blockchain ETF to market this week.

Now, the company told reporters that it is already eyeing what else it could offer institutional investors eager to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency arena.

“The only way for institutions to get meaningful exposure to digital assets has been to buy Bitcoin, but many are reluctant or unable to buy Bitcoin – and for good reason,’’ CEO Bin Ren commented to Bloomberg, adding:

“An ETF gives a highly liquid and regulated way to gain exposure. This is the right point to start.’’

Ren did not mention specific products or services Elwood could offer.

“Elwood also plans to develop investments tied to the trading of digital assets, and may eventually offer exposure to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH),” Bloomberg summarized.

Cryptocurrency investment products continue to gain both uptake and publicity, a trend which is contrasted by the still patchwork regulatory climate, which makes serving large numbers of clients vary in difficulty depending on jurisdiction.

As Cointelegraph reported, both the U.K. and United States currently present uncertain environments for operators.

London has eyed banning certain cryptocurrency-related trading instruments, while in the U.S., regulatory conformity has led to the repeated delay of Bakkt, a major institutional trading platform many hope will dramatically increase the industry’s public profile.

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