Friday, 14 FebruaryValentine’s Day 2020


Daughter is not equal to tension!!!

But In today’s world;

Daughter is equal to

Ten son’s!!



Who Would U Love More, Me Or Ur Husband..??

The BEST Reply Given By the DAUGHTER:

I Don’t Know Really;

But When I See U,

I Forget Him,

But When I See Him,

I Remember U..



If you have a daughter who makes your life worth living by just being around and you love her as much as your own breath;


If you are proud of your Daughter, send this to people who have daughters.

Daughters are happiness!

Daughters are angels!!👼👼





Congrats to all who have daughters..

Daughters are like Parrots in the house..

When she speaks,

She speaks without a break..

& everyone says,

“Will you please keep quiet for sometime”.

When she is silent,

mother says,

“Are you fine my child “

Father says,

“Why is there so much silence?”

Brother says,

“Are you angry with me?”

and when she gets married, All say:

“Its like all the happiness has gone from the house”..

She is the real non-stop music..

Dedicated to emotional, cute, pretty, sweet, & sincere girls😊.

That’s Me..

That’s You..

That’s a Girl..😊

Be Proud to be a Girl😍


👌🍃Women have the most unique character that is like salt:

Her presence is never remembered… but

Her absence makes all the things tasteless!!🐾👍


Pass it to your lovely sisters, daughters, and friends😊.


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