Cryptoverse Wars: Combining Gaming and Education to advance the Tezos ecosystem

Have you been interested in learning how to write smart contracts while also enjoying gaming? Cryptoverse Wars is the perfect option for you and is a fun, interactive code school to onboard beginner level learners to write basic smart contracts using SmartPy for the Tezos ecosystem. The game is designed where the user creates a robot (cryptobot), which can be upgraded and enhanced based on the more information that you learn and the courses you take. The more you learn, the more your robot is capable of fighting the alien invaders. Your mission is to build and assemble your cryptobot from scratch and then use the gems acquired to power your cryptobot in battle against the incoming alien invasion. Who doesn’t love saving the planet?

If you are interested in coding and developing, then this is a great resource to learn the basics of the Tezos ecosystem. This game is not for the intermediate or advanced coders who understand smart contracts and development in general. At first glance, it reminded me of the Mavis Beacon Typing education program but for coding on the blockchain. You learn the lessons and take away different concepts and skills from each lesson that can then be applied to the game. As we progress through these changing times with gaming and blockchain, it is important to keep in mind that “the current education system dates back to the Industrial Revolution era, where information is dumped into us and we are expected to work like robots,” said Peerplays Blockchain Standard Association, President Jonathan Baha’i. “We learn best when we play games.” The gamification of information is used as a way to learn coding and programming, and it helps to make it more mainstream and make it fun. My colleague Brian Hough, made a great insight, “the gaming aspect of CryptoVerse makes the learning happen more organically because when you’re excited about learning, it happens more quickly and encourages you to go and explore more vs. just staying within the lines with a book or article.” When you boil everything down, you can tell that CryptoVerse is attempting to grow more Tezos developers and further the Tezos ecosystem.

One of the difficulties of learning new and innovative programming languages is that there is less developed documentation, fewer tutorials, fewer forum posts and just fewer places to look. CryptoVerse expands access to this vital intel and gives you access to all the information you need in one, centralized place. It gives the end-user real-world examples of code “in action and how it can power something.” Since blockchain is so new, there are fewer places to learn how this technology works without scouring the internet and entering rabbit holes that can be unavoidable in the quest for knowledge. According to research done by, “experts say gaming will be the first real use case for blockchain, revamping the industry and making games more immersive than ever.”

Blockchain offers a number of other solutions to the gaming industry, according to Toptal:

“Granting immutable ownership of in-game items, solving item theft due to hacking and the sale of fake in-game assets.

Tying assets to players instead of games, thereby protecting time/money investments players have made, irrespective of developer decisions.

Protecting players from undesirable actions on the part of creators; players can take the wheel, extending game longevity, and encouraging user content. (Virtual reality game Decentraland is a promising example.)

Restoring trust between game developers and distributors by recording sales on a blockchain.

Creating a decentralized distribution network for games.

Creating more realistic economic systems within games.

Shifting the definition of a successful game away from revenue and toward in-game currency value, thereby refocusing game development efforts to benefit players.

Incentivizing players by offering dividends and granting them a vote in development processes.

Fixing the high-cost, low-revenue problems of cloud gaming initiatives (like Sony’s PS Now) by distributing the server over a blockchain network.

Encouraging game development competition outside of the monopolistic console and game-publishing industries.”

CryptoVerse has great potential and can have a major impact by trailblazing the path forward with gaming and education; however, how much can you learn from gaming alone? While you can learn about smart contracts, will this fuel you to start making your own apps and software? Knowing the limitations and bounds of the knowledge could be important so that the game can be viewed as a launch point rather than a single source of truth. The blockchain space and industry is evolving and moving at a rapid pace and the big question for CryptoVerse is will it be able to keep up with the evolution of smart contracts and the technology in general? Only time will tell, but we are optimistic this a great starting point for gaming and education within Blockchain.

We here at CryptoLiveLeak and BlockRelations are very excited to see the progression of gaming, education, and the deployment of both in the upcoming months and future. CryptoVerse was created for the coder and developer mind, and many of these early adopters that use this product may go on and create other brilliant things just by having access to this tool. Education will be one of the most important priorities for bringing blockchain gaming to the masses and CryptoVerse does a great job of getting the ball rolling. I can imagine many children or students across the world inside their classrooms learning the basics of coding smart contracts through CryptoVerse, and we commend them for being the pioneers in the education of blockchain through gaming.

Co-authored by: Benton Yaun and Brian Hough

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