Spencer Bogart Interviewed by Melissa on CNBC’s Fast Money

Melissa suspects that the Mastercard announcement last week could be a catalyst to the recent run up in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Prices. Spencer starts off by saying IP and Patents ar’nt path too success in this industry. Any incumbent is going to be challenged in this Blockchain Industry, Start Ups will be favored because they can be more focused and innovative.

Bitcoin – “It’s possible we’ve seen the Lows, I’m expecting to see new Highs.” – Spencer Bogart, Blockchain Capital

Low’s could already be in – bitcoin is a tinderbox waiting for any reason to go higher. Whether it be global currency wars, trade wars, or SEC ETF Approval – any of these could send BTC higher.

ETF Approval is still not as close to going through as people may think. There is a custodial issue that could still hinder approval, as traditional Custodian Banks like State Street are not equipped to handle direct BTC settlement.

Spencer has a best guess of 2019 for ETFs in the US – He notes Retail investors already in Coinbase, Institutional Investors Bitwise and Coinbase, and ETPs in Europe already exist. SEC needs to get on the board before innovation moves elsewhere.

Most exciting part of space is traditional equity startups – traditional equity investments. CryptoLiveLeak is a Blockchain Startup with Equity available for Purchase or Investment – [email protected] for investment inquiries.


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