Thank you to everyone who made Tezos Boston Meetup possible!

In total we had over 30 Attendees flowing in and out throughout the night. Some of the main topics discussed revolved around baking and how financial institutions can relate to the DPOS Reward system. They can compare the Tezos Baking Rewards to Dividend Payments and Coupon Payments.

People were also looking for more information on how to set up their own nodes for self baking. The need for more training materials and walk-through videos became apparent.

We also had some developers attend and they were looking for more instructions on how to build on the Tezos Protocol.

Overall the event was extremely successful and had a wide range of attendees. We are extremely pleased with the turnout and on the fly adjustment of venue. Again, thank you to the Tezos Commons foundation for Sponsoring the Event and thank you to all who came!

Intro to Meetup: 0:48

TCF – Thank you/ T-Shirt Raffle: 1:41

Interview with Tim: 3:36

Interview with Steve (Moonlight Capital): 9:57

Interview with Curtis: 12:48

Meetup Footage Montage 15:56

Thank You Everyone!: 17:36

Stay tuned for future meetups!


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