According to a recent tweet by Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON Foundation and CEO of BitTorrent, TRON (TRX) has been listed on NovaDAX.

With this move, NovaDAX has become the first digital currency platform in South America to list the cryptocurrency.

The TRON-based game, Eggies World has launched its Open Beta version. It has also released some additional information about the game.

Talking about the four moons of Eggies World, the team said:

“The larger three moons of Eggies World orbit clockwise and at similar speeds meaning that they frequently grace the night sky at the same time. There is, however, a fourth, smaller moon, irregular in shape it runs counter to the others. It is said that when all four appear together some truly extraordinary things happen in Eggies World.”

Adding to it:

“Only under the cover of darkness would Professor Eggies dare to venture back to the Lab Ship, always holding his breath momentarily to listen for the sounds of the bazooka that often seemed to infect the night since he had fled. Tonight was perfect as the clouds moved and swirled around the moons, obscuring their usual luminous glow. Bit by bit, part by part, he had removed the equipment and chemicals that he would need to set up a new EGG machine in his makeshift camp.”

Concluding it:

“Impossibly the original EGG machine on the Lab Ship had escaped critical damage during Zooka’s rampage and, on the third night after the Professor had left, it had mysteriously started working again. Unhatched EGGs lay carefully stacked on the cold lab tiles behind an access panel which had been loosened, almost as if someone, or something, had hidden them to keep them safe from harm. Conflicted, the Professor left the newly created EGGs undisturbed, the memory of the wounded monsters still fresh in his mind. Maybe it was best to never let the EGGs hatch, to just destroy them all, drop them in the Lava River or freeze them in the Ice Caves?”

Moving on to the arrival of the Corporation:

“The sounds of the Vassal Corporation’s ships landing a week later shook the trees and the very ground upon which they stood. The Scientists were the first to disembark, flanked either side by the security forces who were so feared on Earth. Then came five suited figures, their importance made clear from the way the others stood aside to make a path for them. Stern expressions graced all of their faces, save for one, a taller woman with hollowed out cheekbones. She wore the look of a hunter, scanning the horizon for her prey. Her nostrils flared momentarily, and The Professor froze where he was hiding in the undergrowth, convinced that she had somehow caught his scent on the gentle afternoon breeze.”

Adding to it:

“There he lay till darkness hung thickly in the air, falling in and out of sleep, anger rising within him again. Maybe he did not know what to do with the EGGs on the Lab Ship but there was no way he was going to let the Corporation get their hands on them. As if sensing his thoughts, Vapour started to inch forward, a grey cloud, barely visible against the night sky followed him. Placing the adapted Lab mask over his face, The Professor followed slowly behind, temporarily immune to Vapour’s power.”

Finally moving on to the rescue:

“All around them the Corporation’s employees lay; on floors, on makeshift beds, one even curled up on the lab bench and all the while Vapour’s grey mist acting like a warm blanket upon each of them. Fortunately, they had not discovered the newly made EGGs and, after a few trips back and forth, The Professor had managed to retrieve them all. Even the occasional bump had not disturbed those sleeping, rendered unconscious by Vapour, the only clue that anything had happened would be the mysterious, persistent headache they would all feel upon waking.”

Adding to it:

“Faced with their potential destruction The Professor had rescued the EGGs without thinking but looking at the pile before him it was clear he would need help. He could barely look after himself and Vapour, there was no way he could raise these monsters too.”