EA Sports announced the avatars of some of the players in Madden 21

Some recent news makes Miami Dolphins fans very excited. Not only because EA Sports, the developer of Madden 21, announced the ratings of all team members in the game on the official website, but also because the rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa of the team obtained his portrait photos in the game. Fans can view this photo in the official tweet of Miami Dolphins. It is worth noting that Tagovailoa also wore the new jersey that will be used in the new NFL season in 2020 in the photo. There is no doubt that Madden 21 once again caused a sensation, because the game content they leaked this time aroused the interest of players.

There is no doubt that Tagovailoa’s portrait in Madden 21 is almost exactly the same as his in reality, and the game designer also added a decorative tattoo sign on his face. As a rookie, Tagovailoa’s performance in the first year earned him a score of 73. Among many rookies, this rating is not high. But if we carefully observe the various attributes of Tagovailoa in the game, we will find some exciting factors. This is why the loyal fans of Miami Dolphins are very optimistic about Tagovailoa’s performance in the future.

Madden choose to Buy MUT 21 Coins copy Tagovailoa’s versatile skill set under center by giving him an 84 play-action rating and 80 break a sack rating. apart from his mobility, his arm also garnered solid ratings with 88 throw power, 86 short accuracy, and 84 deep accuracy. His status as a dual-threat quarterback already make him one amongst the more enjoyable players to use.

Perhaps the foremost intriguing of Tagovailoa’s numbers was the 84 rating he earned within the injury category. it’s no secret that his record has remained a subject of conversation throughout the course of the offseason, and also the restrictions placed in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have prevented him from proving that he’s 100% healthy.

For Tagovailoa himself, the biggest problem he faces is finding the right opportunity to prove that he is still healthy enough. But the competition within the Miami Dolphins team is fierce. If Tagovailoa wants to play as a starting member in the 2020 NFL season, he needs to beat Ryan Fitzpatrick. This is a daunting task, because Ryan Fitzpatrick has still shown very strong strength over the years. But in any case, Tagovailoa should try hard. If he really succeeds, his overall rating in Madden 21 may improve quickly. As a professional third-party game currency provider, MMOSPT.com is willing to make friends with players, which is why players can buy the cheapest Madden 21 Coins at MMOSPT and enjoy fast delivery. MMOSPT.com has a professional team and customer service to help you quickly form an ideal lineup in the upcoming Madden NFL 21. Buying MUT 21 Coins at MMOSPT is the most economical option.


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