Edgar Degas- A talented artist of yester century

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”- by Edgar Degas.

Art is another name of creation and imagination which requires technical skill, patience, and consistent hard work. Every year many investors and collectors spend a lot of money on artworks made by world-renowned artists. Edgar Degas is a globally acknowledged fine artist of the 19th century. This French impressionist stunned the art world with his oil painting and pastel drawing skills. Today many art galleries showcase the excellent artworks of Edgar Degas. The following paragraphs shed light on the early life and artistic career of this French artist.

• Biography- Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas was born in a well-to-do French family in 1834. His mother died when he was only a teenager and he was brought up by his unmarried uncles. From childhood, Degas was very enthusiastic about art and he even worked as a copyist in the great Louvre Museum. Though his family expected him to be a lawyer, he enrolled at École des Beaux-Arts. After completing his course from this institution he started working on his first masterpiece “The Bellelli Family”. But, he spent the majority of his early life copying the masterpieces of renaissance artists like Raphael, Titian, and many others aspiring to be a history painter. Edgar Degas spent his life as a proud artist of Paris. From the 1870s he suffered eye diseases and during his final years, he was completely blind. He died in 1917 in Paris.

• Artistic style- Though Edgar Degas is revered as an impressionist, he also forayed into the world of realism, neoclassicism, and so on. During his thirties, he studied classical art and later tried to apply the traditional style while painting contemporary subjects. Talking about subjects, he painted mostly ballet dancers, nude women, psychologically complex portraits, and so on. He also spent a good amount of time trying his hand at bronze sculpting.

• Artworks- Popular artworks of Edgar Degas include “Male Nude”,1856; “Les Chiffonniers”,1905; “Champs de Courses”, 1879; “The Amateur”, 1866; ” The Dancing class”, 1871 and so on. Edgar Degas was influenced by Claude Monet, Rembrandt, Franciso Goya, and many others.

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