Future Economy Crash


This is some thoughts I like to point out regarding the economy of the world and in relation to the Covid-19 situation.

I am talking about some doom and gloom in this article, however I am open to open some eyes to people. Right now as if you some may not know of. There is this world wide virus going on which has caused many industries to entirely shut down.

What is happening now is not pretty. In my opinion the virus thing is just a minor thing of what is really happening. Behind the scenes there are much sinister things going on or wanting to happen by the power that be.

Many governments are already working on Acts to gain more power over the people using the Covid 19 as political and power gain, One example in country Hungary the Prime Minister there just gained full control over everything in that country. More less we can say communism has returned to the country right under everyone’s noses.

I am thinking this. The governments were very slow to contain the virus from the beginning. The reason could be to show sense of control over the people. They knew were warned of an upcoming situation, yet many brushed it off as a simple cold and let the economies continue. This was just a way to show control, even though governments are supposed to keep the people safe. They did fail in this situation. More less shutting down the economy and putting people on house arrest is another form of control. Sure the markets are down, but many others are up. Yet not many people are working, think about that one. More less someone else out there is making many gains on all of this. Maybe the people in the government are profiting from the sick? Maybe corporate ? Maybe banking people?

Now in many of our countries the governments are printing off lots of money to give these so called survival packages. This is helping people get by, yet think about this one. Government will want their money back. Printing money only creates mass amount of inflation. With all this inflation happening. Once people go back to work. People will not able to afford much as the prices will go up for goods and services. As the dollars and currencies will be devalued so much. Look that the United State at the 2 trillion already being printed out. This adds to 2 trillion to the national debt and creates inflation. Maybe not hyperinflation but will create some type of jump in prices for sure.

Now once all of this is over and done with on the illness. It will be payback time. However right now the governments are starving for cash. There are many things that could happen. They could fix the numbers and say things are fine and let people go to work. The companies and people will get tired of being home and will go to work anyways as a matter of survival. Even if they are breaking the law. Since many can not afford to stay home anymore.

Now this is just one scenario that could happen. Going back to when all this is over. Governments of all levels will be looking for cash flow. You will see increase in taxes, fees and fines. There will be more traffic enforcement on the streets and more people getting pulled over for more minor traffic offences. Just to get that flow of money in traffic fines. You will see more red light cameras installed and more people getting tickets for going through a barely there traffic light. More less what I am getting at is that there will be a thirst for money from every community in every way.

Also with all the credit and mortgage referrals and even the rent freezes that are going on. This creates a major bubble that is a carrier of debt. This will come to a point in which the bubble will burst and people will be require to pay everything plus interest in a short period of time.

This will create a major liquidation in many aspects from personal to business.

The thing to think of, whenever something goes down, something else is going up. Right now someone is benefiting from what is happening. With people liquifying things, there will be people taking advantage of these great sales. They will profit so much and be able to take some power over others in this situation. The thing to look at is look at the trends going on and if you think see an opening of opportunity. Try to take advantage of your resources. More less all of this comes down to a matter of survival no matter the price.

More less I was not trying to spread just a level of negativity on this. I just want to open people’s eyes up to the situation. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. More less keep your head above water and see what you can do for yourself.

Let me know what you think on this aspect of what is going on? What things could you think of one could benefit from this situation? Thanks


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