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To register for KuCoin Exchange: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E4FIVU

We give a detailed review of the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange

• KuCoin offers Coin pairs before other exchanges do. This will enable them to capture market share.
• Encryption and security of the platform is similar to banks, they use a system of macro and micro bank wallets.
• KuCoin’s referral system, gives 40% of trading fees to the users.
• Users holding KCs will jointly be awarded 50% of the trading fees and discounts on their trades.
• Neo deposited on KuCoin receives GAS daily.

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  1. Lunapac

    Wow, I already knew that KuCoin gave out divs. if you held their coin, but I did NOT know about receiving GAS on NEO. I knew you received GAS holding NEO in your NEO wallet, but not on KuCoin as well, that is pretty awesome. It would be great if many other exchanges followed suit and returned divs. to their users/supporters. Thanks for the info, take care. 😀