LatiumCoin – LATX – LatiumX

August 3rd, 2019 | Boston, MA

By: Ken Garofalo

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be investment advice. The analysis is the opinion of the author.

Today we are examining the Small Cap Cryptocurrency called LATX – currently the 958th ranked crypto on CMC with a market cap of 359,728 and a CMC reported daily volume of ~$2,500.


Latium is the first and only tasking platform to incorporate a totally automated rating system in tandem with a one-to-many task relationship structure. This allows a user to create a task for which they can hire one person, or many thousands of people, to complete the task. This all occurs within a trustless environment where all participants have transparency in whom they are working with. The platform will support both “Digital” and “In-Person” tasks. The Latium team has also designed proprietary task proof systems for both “Digital” and “In-Person” tasks, in order to remove trust from the equation while creating an environment where tasks with multiple contracts can be easily managed. In the case of a “Digital” task, imagine a user wishes to drive traffic to an online petition. By posting one simple Latium task, they can send as many people to the petition page as their budget allows.

Now, let’s look at an example of an “In-Person” task. Imagine a user is promoting a grand opening for a new restaurant. They post a new task with the details of the event and then approve applicants that wish to show up for a reward. As the applicants show up they must all scan either a printed QR code, scan a code on the task creator’s phone or stay within a certain GPS location for a certain amount of time in order to check-in to the event. Once the event is complete, they will scan an additional code to release payment for the task or auto release based on GPS. “In-Person” multi-contract tasks can be used for marketing events such as this, or even political or community driven projects.

The LatiumX (LATX) ERC20 token is the established form of payment on the platform. Payment for tasks completed on the Latium platform will be credited in real-time using LATX, meaning the LATX coins will have to be purchased by employers in order to create new tasks in the system.

The tasking platform currently has over 100,000 registered users. Users are able to verify their identity using the proprietary “ProofofHuman” process that takes video of users face and head area to compare it to physical ID documents.

Crypto Exchange – In addition to the tasking platform, latium.org features a full cryptocurrency exchange. They offer multiple trading pairs for LATX, BTC, ETH, LTC, BAT, OMG, NPXS, and USDT markets. They are consistently producing around $2,000,000 active daily volume on the exchange. The LATX token is not currently used as a utility for their exchange portion of their ecosystem, this is the main pending opportunity for the token to accrue value in the future.

The team has publicly stated on telegram that they have applied to Coinmarketcap.com to get their exchange officially listed – they meet all requirements.


The cryptocurrency dubbed Latium first appeared in 2014 as evident by the below promotion article on published on cointelegraph. At this point the project was using the LAT ethereum based Token.


The Latium team held a successful ICO from late 2017 through early 2018. This was the peak of the most recent cryptocurrency hype cycle that saw over 10 Billion in ICO funding quickly deployed. The team decided to change the Symbol and create a new coin for this ICO sale – Introducing the LATX ERC20 Token.

General ICO Stats from 2017/2018

The team was able to raise a whopping $15,000,000 + from their ICO sale – this should be enough funding to fuel their project for a few years.

“The Latium platform is a paradigm shift in decentralized economics that can bring about real change in the way humans work, interact and earn money. Latium provides the opportunity for users to easily earn income by completing tasks, while other users have tasks completed for them in a uniquely trustless system. “

Description from https://icobench.com/ico/latium

There is a pending attempted class action lawsuit against the Latium team claiming Latium Network unlawfully raised more than $17 million during their ICO.


The two main catalyst that leads me to believe this token could appreciate in value in the future are:

Exchange Utility – LATX

The Latium team has stated in telegram that they will explore the possibilities of incorporating the LATX token as a Utility for the Exchange. Examples of other tokens that follow these models are HT HoubiToken and BNB Binance Coin.

We will calculate the average price of current “Exchange Token’s” value in relation to their exchange’s volume. This should give us an average value per volume number that can be projected onto the LATX token based on their average daily exchange volume of 2 Million USD. See calculations in below analytics section.

Class Action Lawsuit dismissal

The pending proposed class action lawsuit against LATX is clearly holding them back from perusing the full breath of their opportunities. If this black cloud were to be dismissed then the tokens value would be sure to appreciate.

Exchange Specific Cryptocurrency Analysis

Top 5 Exchange Tokens:


Total Market Cap: $4,318,824,323

Daily Exchange Volume: $955,405,677

Volume Weighted Market Cap: 4.5224


Total Market Cap: $1,320,341,606

Daily Exchange Volume: $132,856,613

Volume Weighted Market Cap: 9.9380


Total Market Cap: $236,441,515

Daily Exchange Volume: $655,421,256

Volume Weighted Market Cap: 0.3607

KuCoin Shares

Total Market Cap: $ $153,768,700

Daily Exchange Volume: $610,260,996

Volume Weighted Market Cap: 0.2519

LA Token

Total Market Cap: $36,758,974

Daily Exchange Volume: $852,670,475

Average Volume Weighted Market Cap: 3.023

Applied to the Latium Exchange:

Total Market Cap: $359,728

Daily Exchange Volume: $2,000,000

Volume Weighted Market Cap: 3.023 (Average applied)

Projected Market Cap after implementing LATX as Exchange Utility Token: $6,046,000


Using the Volume weighted Market Cap calculation shown above for “Exchange Utility Tokens” we can reasonably expect the market cap of LATX to go from $359,728 to $6,046,000 if and when the team implements the LATX token into their exchange as a Utility.

This would represent a 1,680% Gain from current prices of $0.003421 per LATX to $0.05749 per LATX Token.

Adding the speculation that the proposed class action lawsuit against Latium will be dismissed – we could see an even higher rise if these implementations unfolded as described.