Tezos Capital partners with CryptoLiveLeak to produce Tezos Wallet Delegation Video Series

April 12th 2019

As the Tezos ecosystem continues to grow with countless development teams making daily contributions building Tezos wallet infrastructure, CryptoLiveLeak and Tezos Capital are pleased to announce a new partnership where CryptoLiveLeak will produce a 10 video Tezos wallet delegation series.

The videos will be released on a weekly basis over the course of the next 10 weeks and will feature the below wallets in no particular order:

Wallets to be Featured in the Tezos Wallet Delegation Video Series

  1. Galleon: https://galleon-wallet.tech/
  2. Trust: https://trustwallet.com/
  3. Tezbox: https://tezbox.com/
  4. Cortez: https://gitlab.com/tezos/cortez-android
  5. Guarda: https://guarda.co/
  6. Atomic: https://atomicwallet.io/
  7. Magnum: https://magnumwallet.co/
  8. AirGap: https://airgap.it/
  9. Kukai: https://github.com/kukai-wallet/kukai
  10. Wetez: https://www.wetez.io/pc/wetez

What you can expect from Tezos Capital + CryptoLiveLeak

Video Release Schedule — Videos will be released on both the CryptoLiveLeak YouTube Channel as well as on the Tezos Capital website.

Demonstration of Delegation — All Tezos wallet delegation videos will feature a delegation to Tezos Delegate Service, Tezos Capital.

Wallet Creation, Wallet features — We will go in depth discussing the different wallet functions and pros/ cons of each unique wallet application.

Tezonomics — Upon completion of the video series, Ken Garofalo will appear on the Tezonomics Podcast with Jonas Lamis to discuss the process and knowledge gained by demonstrating the 10 Tezos Wallets. https://soundcloud.com/tezonomics

Tezos Capital delegation service is available at: tz2PdGc7U5tiyqPgTSgqCDct94qd6ovQwP6u

For more information on Tezos Capital please visit: https://www.tezos.capital/

For more information on the services offered by CryptoLiveLeak, Inc. please visit: http://cryptoliveleak.org/our-services/


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