August 13th, 2019

Toronto, Canada

Blockchain Futurist Conference 2019 – futurist19.com

In this video we are interviewing Ramak J. Sedigh who is the CEO and Founder of Plouton Mining. The video was filmed live at the Blockchain Futurist Conference 2019 in Toronto Canada (Organized by Untraceable).

Plouton Mining, located in Mojave California, will be North America’s largest solar-powered blockchain mining datacenter. The proposed facility will specialize in operating approximately 5000 next generation 7nm SHA256 ASIC Bitcoin miners.

Website: https://www.ploutonmining.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PloutonGroup

Hard Asset Ownerhip

Land & Building Structure, Electric infrastructure, Solar Farm, Next Gen ASIC miners.

Free Peak-Hour electricity

90 percentile solar ray, 70 degree average temperatures, 330 + Sunny Days, 25-Year Solar Farm Warranty.

Cheap Off-Peak Electricity

No Expensive Battery Storage, Cheap Excess Capacity from Utility.


End-to-End operational Ownership, Free In House Produced Peak-Hour Electricity, Independent from Local Utility for Electricity during critical hours, Total Asset Ownership.

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