Tokenfest Boston 2018 – Token Talks: CLL – CryptoLiveLeak with Founder Ken Garofalo

CryptoLiveLeak is a cryptocurrency News and Media platform designed to provide the most up to date information on the cryptocurrency markets.

We also feature our website, where users can earn free crypto through a mechanism we call Attention Mining. We have integrated the CLL token with our platform to innovative ways the audience and social media interact. The CLL Token can be earned by Registered Users on our website Users can post content on our online social blog and when another user views, watches video, likes, comments or interacts with the post it triggers a reward action. Both Users are rewarded CLL Points which can then be exchange for CLL CryptoLiveLeak Erc20 Tokens on the sites internal exchange. The CLL Tokens get deposited into the Users Internal Wallet that can hold both CLL and ETH. The Users wallet address is visable on the Ethereum Blockchain explorer as well as a Summary of Transactions provided on the sites wallet. We have implemented a custom gas station on the exchange to ensure the lowest possible gas cost for our transactions. CryptoLiveLeak team will also look to expand and grow as the network matures. The CryptoLiveLeak (CLL) ERC20 token will give holders an unique way of participating in the evolution of our vision of blockchain tech disrupting the social media industry. Token Information:

Contract Address: 0x3dc9a42fa7afe57be03c58fd7f4411b1e466c508

Decimal: 18

Name: CryptoLiveLeak

Symbol: CLL

Ken Garofalo from CryptoLiveLeak speaks at Tokenfest Boston 2018 during the Token Talks.


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