Exploring The Amazon

The adventures of Crypto Musician continue…

I’m jumping ahead in my story, because people are probably not interested in the boring details of how I made a fortune in crypto. So instead, I’m going directly to the fun parts…

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Since I was a kid, the Amazon has always intrigued me. The nascent wildness of the jungle will lure a person deep into the interior of an untamed world filled with danger and unknown possibilities. It was only logical to film my adventure as a record of this fascinating experience.

The Amazon Jungle is roughly the green area in South America indicated by the red arrow

The Amazon region was such a vast a panorama to view from my chopper, as I skimmed over the treetops.

Starting at sunrise, I had reconnoitered a huge area of the jungle canopy, searching for an ideal location to film.

After a while, I landed my chopper at a place where I could access the jungle easily.

I found a path and trekked into the jungle. It didn’t take long before the plant life became really thick.

The exotic species I found were amazing.

After a few hours of probing, I came across a rather intriguing place.

There was a rickety old wooden bridge.

I dared to traverse it and see what I would discover. 

On the other side of the water, was what seemed like an abandoned dwelling.

I found a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the ambience. 

I was tired from all the walking, so I relaxed and planned my next move.

The boat with outboard motor that was tied up presented some interesting possibilities.

I thought about it for some time. What if the owners came back? I decided to leave a note explaining that I needed the boat and would return soon and reward the owner handsomely for any inconvenience.

The motor started up with some effort and there was a half tank of gas.

Nature was all around me and the feeling of freedom was wonderful. 

What kind of adventures were in store for me?

And so I set out for more thrills and excitement, exploring deeper into the mysterious Amazon jungle.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Crypto Musician, how he made his fortune in crypto and leads an awesome crypto lifestyle…


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