Wayne Chen | CEO & Director at Interlapse Technologies Corp. | Mass Adoption for Virtual Currency

August 21st, 2019

Toronto, Canada

In this video we are interviewing Wayne Chen who is CEO & Director at Interlapse Technologies Corp. They have a flagship product called CoinCurve which is aiming to lower the barrier to entry for mas adoption of Virtual Currency. The video was filmed live at the Blockchain Futurist Conference 2019 in Toronto Canada (Organized by Untraceable).

Interlapse | Empowering Future Generations of Commerce. | Blockchain Solutions with Utility.

Interlapse Technologies Corp. Website:


CoinCurve Website:


Coincurve, a wholly owned subsidiary of Interlapse Technologies Corp. (TSX-V: INLA), is an online virtual currency platform, built and operated in Vancouver, Canada.

Coincurve’s service allows customers all over the world to buy and spend Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in the simplest form. Soon, we will expand globally into emerging and underbanked countries. Our goal is to educate, adopt, deliver, and provide utility to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to users across the world.

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