What is the Basic Feature of Pascal?

Pascal programming language is one of the top-rated languages that is used for coding at the international level, that’s being used to develop Apple, Lisa and Macintosh. It is referred to as a highly advanced language that is considered to be beyond the real design and its objective. It provides rich data sources and the ones that can be used to inculcate records and change the data type. It is also used to develop windows applications and is also considered to be eligible for compiling and cross-compiling iOS and Mac.

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Top-notch Features Of Pascal Programming Language

Being a language that is accepted globally, Pascal has various features and characteristics which makes it important for the students to take up the course code of the same:

1. Enhances the structured programming where programs are designed for single entry and single exit by using the syntax.

2. linked to ALGOL that derive new ideas from ALGOL 68

3. help material reflect the functioning processes that became easier with syntax usage of ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘mod’ instead of ‘&&’, ‘II’, ‘%’ used in C programming language.

4. Pascal includes only the construction of an assignment statement for language implementation.

5. extended to support advanced features that are not applicable to C

6. automatic run-time checking

7. support arrays of variable length

8. Allowance for out-of-range indices and dynamic-sized arrays, etc.

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