5 Factors That Shape Canada’s Immigration Levels

Canada is the most popular state in the world for its increasing number of immigrant. It is a state with the highest immigrants in the world. Canadian Immigrant statistics show that the number of immigrants is growing every year. Every year the majority of people among the desire to immigrate Canada. Although, there is no doubt Canada has increased its attraction and facilities for immigrants like most of the other countries of the world. By this means, foreigners are attracted to immigrate to Canada. Many of them also wish to settle there permanently.

There are many underdeveloped countries around the world with short or few facilities comparative to the developed countries for their nationals. As, Developed countries of the world, provide the majority of the facilities to their citizens in their daily lives. So, People of under-developed countries mostly look forward to an opportunity to get a chance to immigrate to a developed state. Along with this, those people also wish to be citizens of such developed states through acquiring citizenship. People of under-developed states mostly struggle to move towards the developed state by the means of any possible opportunity. They struggle to get a chance, which will result in living a perfect life for them.

Along other developed-countries of the world, Canada is also listed in the list of such countries. Canada has provided many facilities to its nationals. Such facilities help them in their daily life to live in Canada. Canada has also facilitated its nationals with advance and up to date facilities in every sector such as education, health and so on. Looking at such facilities and such a perfect lifestyle of spending life, many people wish to move to Canada. Even they also try to settle in Canada too. Because they understand that they’ll facilitate with such necessities of life that are required to live a perfect and comfortable life. They also consider that they’re lack of such facilities in their under-developed state. So, they choose to immigrate to Canada or other developed countries where they could live an easy and perfect life.

Canada has created a comfortable and easy lifestyle for its nations with the majority of facilities. Along, it has given many facilities for its international immigration. Such that, the attraction of immigrants for Canada is increasing day by day. The majority of people among the under-developed state choose multiple consultancies for immigrating to Canada. As multiple consultancies are available in the market with authentic information and legal policies such as immigration consultant use and so on. Consultants provide accurate and updated information about the immigration policies and rules for the interested country. Along with this, they help people in their visa procedures.

There are certain factors that Canada has shaped and is looking to shape to increase its immigration levels. These are the factors that help Canada in increasing its immigrants. Through which Canada is receiving a rising number of immigrants. Few of such factors are described as below:

1. Integration Policy: Canada ensures that Canada has enough resources that it will be to integrate immigrants in their country. Additionally, It has enough facilities for their daily life such as reasonable housing, medical services, public transport and so on. Such things are helping Canada to shape its immigration levels.

2. Experienced Worker: It is a very good opportunity for an experienced worker to immigrate to Canada. Because in Canada experienced workers are awarded by the Immigration Department. This factor highly shapes the Canadian immigration level by attracting the experienced worker. Such worker prefers Canada than other countries.

3. Education: With the growing standards in educational sectors, Canada has brought its educational sector with the international standards of education. Although, every year it helps Canada with a growing number of international students. Through this, Canada is increasing its immigration levels.

4. Developed-State: Among the developed-states of the world, Canada is one such state. Canada has developed its economic conditions. Today, a Canadian citizen is facilitated with the majority of the facilities in their day to day lifestyles. This is another reason for Canada, for attracting immigrants. Today, the majority of the people immigrate to Canada because they know they can easily and smoothly spend their life with such facilities.

5. Happy Index: Canada is one of the countries with the happiest citizens. Today, Canada is listed in the happiest countries in the world. A Canadian citizen is happy with their authorities, authority’s services, their lifestyle and their day to day facilities. This helps Canada for attracting immigrants too.


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