00:27 Opening
01:02 Setting the Table
01:45 McAfeeDEX
02:15 What is an Exchange?
02:45 Government and Regulations
03:18 Decentralized Blockchain Contract
03:48 SEC... IRS... Crackdown
04:12 Beta Version Support
04:43 Eerie Warning
05:25 Faraday Cage
06:12 Force out of America
06:45 Dominican Republic
07:35 King of the Jungle
08:17 McAfee 2020 for President
10:13 Tezos
11:15 Blockchain Governance
12:15 Voting
12:57 Privacy Coins
14:55 20 - 30 Years in the Future
15:48 Who created Bitcoin?
16:33 Craig Wright
17:34 Government Corruption
17:55 Government Backed CBDC
18:52 Crypto Use Cases
19:40 Definition of Money
21:10 Exchanges Role in Money
22:40 DEXes
23:51 Social Impacts of Blockchain Technology
25:15 Closing
25:58 Sponsor - Hayek Lab - Tezos Baker

John McAfee Podcast Interview




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Our exclusive interview with the legendary John McAfee from his Faraday cage in an undisclosed location.

We talk at length about the McAfeeDEX, McAfee2020, Tezos, Governance, Privacy, DeFi, Money, and Social Good. John answers questions as only he could, watch for this exciting in depth exclusive.

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