Hi everyone! One of the fun things about being a cryptomusican is researching exciting and new crypto ventures. Today, we’ll look at MegaCryptoPolis (MCP), a Go-like online game with a global community working towards building the ultimate decentralized conglomerate where you are in control of your own success!

According to the MCP White Book:

MegaCryptoPolis — a breakthrough online multiplayer strategy game that allows players from all over the world to collectively build a unique mega city like never before. Players can acquire blocks of land to construct their own buildings and eventually upgrade them to gain influence points. Each player can choose from a range of structure types to begin with: a residential building, shopping mall, entertainment facility, factory or even a mining site ― it is completely up to the player. 

To play MegaCryptoPolis (MCP), you need an Ethereum digital wallet. They recommend MetaMask, and that’s what I use. If you are serious about getting involved with the crypto world and don’t have MetaMask, this might be a good time to get one because there are many sites such as Peepeth or CryptoKitties etc. that require an Ethereum digital wallet. MCP uses it instead of a password and as a store of cryptocurrency to use in the game. MetaMask is a topic for discussion in it’s own right, so we will not go into it here.

When you are ready and hit the Start button, you will find yourself on a huge map with a skyscraper reminiscent of the Empire State Building in the center. All around are plots of land marked “SOLD”, undeveloped land, highways, forests etc.

At this point, you will probably want to move around, push a few buttons and get oriented. IMHO, the movement controls are very primitive and designed to make things somewhat random. You are going to have to spend some time if you want to analyze the game and make optimal moves.

At the bottom left of your game screen (see big blue down arrow below), is a map you can click on to move to any location in MCP. However, it is not very detailed, so it is only useful as a general way to navigate about the MCP world. To the immediate right of that map is the District icon which you can click to get more information and go directly to certain districts. If you got a big fat 💰, you can even buy a whole district.

MCP is divided into squares which represent plots of land with x and y coordinates. When you click on a plot of land that is not marked “SOLD” (see yellow arrow below), the plot pops up out of the map and a “LAND TOKEN” appears on the right of your screen. Here you will find some information about the plot such as whether construction is permitted, existence of resources on the land, district number and the price of the plot in ETH.

In this case, 1.54 ETH was more than I wanted to invest on a 1st time exploratory venture, so I moved far away and popped up plots until I found one that was more reasonably priced. After a number of minutes of cruising about, I found a plot that I wanted to take a chance on. See the popped up plot, left of center in graphic below. It’s a corner lot with some shade trees out back and just a stone throw from the beach. 😎

After I plopped down some ETH, I got my “LAND TOKEN”, which is like a title deed in Real Estate. I won’t say how much I paid for my plot. Let’s just say that I’ll let you have it for .15 ETH. 🤑

For those of you who are really not interested in playing the game, there is also a bounty campaign where you get rewarded with a plot of land on Bounty Island. The amount of the bounty depends on how you do compared to others when you perform one or more of the following tasks:

  1. Join Telegram or Discord community
  2. Do a post on Twitter or Facebook
  3. Upvote MCP on Reddit
  4. Set a signature for Bitcointalk
  5. Publish an article or video review

Bounty Island

There is much much more to this game than can be covered here. I recommend reading the MCP White Book to get more information and watching the video.

Till next time, this Crypto Musician saying…

Happy Gaming! 


    1. transhuman Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your stuff on Steemit etc. and it seems we have much in common; 2nd Life, Las Vegas, Burning Man etc.

      In a former life, I was a pro poker player. I have spent more hours on SL than I would care to admit to;) Burning Man is on my bucket list.

      I’m looking forward to bumping into you again on the Internet. Currently, I’m involved with music and crypto mostly, but I always have an eye out for new ideas and creativity.